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MilfBody - Ariella Ferrera Enlightened Orgasmic Ecstasy

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How does a hot MILF like Ariella Ferrera keep her body so fit? The answer is simple. She does a little bit of yoga to tone and shape those legs, get that ass nice and tight, and keep that stomach flat and sexy. Today, our stud joins her in her regular routine and gets to watch as this hot goddess gets her namaste on. They do some couples yoga together, getting in a few wild positions before they transition into something a bit more intimate. Our stud whips out his cock and Ariella sucks it while demonstrating some impressive flexibility. Then he licks her pussy while the juice drips into his mouth before fucking her in downward doggystyle position. Finally, he dips into her love hole with his meditative meat stick, and together they reach orgasmic heights of enlightened ecstasy. These two are taking couples yoga to the next level!

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MilfBodyAriella Ferrera

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5 month 2 week ago


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