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I consider myself a social media influencer. I live with my mom and her boyfriend Bill. Bill is always trying to persuade me to do something more with my life but it's so easy and satisfying that I love it. I just snap a few selfies of my hot body and a lot of hot guys immediately respond. As I was shooting my next update by the pool, Bill waved at me to come inside because he wants to talk to me. Of course, he was about to put on the same old broken record about doing more with myself when I cut him off and told him I actually make a lot of money with my sexy body, especially with my feet. He was stunned. So I showed him and I enjoyed making him uncomfortable by touching his face and lips with my bare feet. Seemed like he enjoyed it too because he shut up right away and I saw his boner growing in his pants. I smothered my soles in his face and took his big cock out. He was speechless. I started giving him a foot job while sucking his cock at the same time. He fucked me so good and came all over my slutty feet. Now I'm sure he's content with this new way of me contributing to the household.

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LoveHerFeetLily Lane

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6 month 2 week ago


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