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LittleAsians - Alex De La Flor, Christy Love Memoirs Of A Gushing Geisha

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Alex De La Flor has always dreamt of becoming a world class geisha, and Christy Love is ready to teach her all she needs to know to make her fantasies a reality. Even when Alex wants to give up, Christy pushes her that extra bit that will get her over the hump. She shows Alex the joys of the final step of becoming a geisha, which includes an education in the art of sensual pleasure. She kisses Alexs neck and touches her skin softly, getting her ready for some intense pleasure in her nether regions. Then she goes down on the young geisha in training, eating her pussy lovingly as part of her initiation. By the end of it, they are confident that Alex has all it takes to be a master of the art of pleasure!

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LittleAsiansAlex De La FlorChristy LoveAsian

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6 month 1 week ago


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