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There is nothing more classic than a blonde bombshell in a little black dress except a hot, mature blonde MILF taking her little black dress off! Cory Chase has looks that can kill, and she knows it. She undulates her body seductively, getting our juices going with just a look. Then, our stud comes in and receives the incredible sexual energy that is vibrating off Corys tight MILF body. She bites and nibbles before pulling his pants down and taking his dick in her mouth. Then she climbs on top of him on the couch and rides his white pony to pound town. He even fucks her while holding her up in mid air. We get it dude, you lift! Cory seems to love every second but is only satisfied after our stud finally unleashes his sexplosion all over her beautiful, MILF face. She did not even bother to take off her engagement ring while getting boned. What a slut!

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GotMylfCory ChaseBlonde

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9 month ago


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