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Fake Taxi - Prague Beauty Squirting on Cam

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Driving down the city streets, I came upon a woman in trouble from a man who just wouldn't leave her alone. After I jumped out and scared that loser away, I offered to drive Erica wherever she wanted. The rush of adrenaline must have got her so horny, because after a few minutes in my taxi, she pulled down her tank top and started rubbing her breasts. Even crazier, she told me to stop somewhere so she could thank me with sex, and pulled down her pants and started masturbating on the bench! When I joined her in the back, Erica blew me and jacked my dick like a pro. I fucked her and rubbed her clit until she squirted all over me, then she licked her cum off my cock. Erica bounced her thick Euro ass on me, then licked my ass until it was my turn to hose her down with a big thick facial!

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