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BurningAngel - Gina Valentina Fuck This Couch

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So I got rid of my husband's gross old couch, but he was kind of upset with me because he had so many hot sex memories from his band days with it. Because I'm such a good wife, I decided it was time to make some new memories on it just to show him it'd be perfect for us. I invited my beautiful friend Gina Valentina over and she let me film her masturbating on it.. but something wasn't quite right- she needed to fuck with a REAL cock on it! I posted on the internet for someone to come bone her and the charming but creepy old man who sold me the couch responded immediately! He made Gina cum, and even gave her the creampie she requested – what a gentleman! I think this couch is gonna work out just fine.

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BurningAngelGina Valentina

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11 month 4 week ago


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