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Analized - Daisy Stone Please Pimp My Ass Out

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PAWG teen Daisy Stone has a problem. Her whole life she has been a whore, but her asshole is still too tight. Daisy wants her asshole to be used like she has her pussy used. She tells the camera all about her life of sucking cock and letting boys use her up. She then begs to have her asshole stretched open by a huge cock so she can allow strangers to take turns on her gaping hole. Prince Yahshua is happy to take on the task. He manhandles the young blonde whore while she stares into the camera, begging to be pimped out and sold off to his friends. She then bends over to show her big booty and cover it in oil before Prince pushes his BBC deep into her tight asshole. Daisy Stone is in heaven. Her dreams come true as she is tossed around the room and fucked up the ass. By the time Daisy has cum dripping down her chin, her asshole is gaping and she knows she is ready for any cock that comes along.

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AnalizedDaisy Stone

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1 year 6 month ago


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